EmComm - Emergency Radio Communication
Welcome to EmComm.Radio UPDATE: we are now on ZELLO at WEATHER.RADIO This is to better serve EMCOMMS and WEATHER group's members. As of 17 April 2023 we became the Official International POC for AUXCOMM USA. We are an Informal organisation supporting International Amateur Radio EmComm volunteers, groups, formal agencies and formal orgazisations. A local area resource on standby ready to report events / relay messages, report Earthquake, Tornado, Hurricane, Tsunami, Wildfire, Flash Flood, Civil Disturbance, and provide real time support to emergency services and first responders communication needs as and when called upon to provide assistance. To join our International community of "Radio From Home" ( RFH Auxiliary volunteers ) please see our information website linked by the Icon below ( EmComms.Org ). We do NOT require our members to travel away from home or their local community, they may however elect do so and to travel at their own discretion, it is not mandatory as a member that they be mobile (travel). Training is ongoing and covered in our Training Online Library of resources. We acknowledge that each country has its own training requirements and guidelines. Thus it is the members responsibility to achieve the training and practical knowledge needed and expected by local and government emergency services and agencies. Contact them to create a study schedule. Most important is how to communicate correctly using the guidance established for emergency situations, radio protocols are essential and must be followed as directed. Zello Channel ID: M7WDX EmComm_Radio Editor - M7WDX